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The High Cost of Being Average

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No One Remembers Joe Average

Joe Average

Do you realize that no one ever remembers the “average.”

Who are these nameless, faceless people who blend into the backdrop of our lives and make no impact on our psyche?

Think about any event in your life where you engaged in social discourse, shopping, eating out, at the theater, getting your car serviced, that you were particularly impressed with the average waiter, the mediocre store clerk, and the ordinary usher.

The answer… NEVER!

In fact, you’re more inclined to remember the person who provided poor service, than Joe Average.

Content Being An “Also-Ran”

Here’s a simple truth. Most people are contented with being an “Also-Ran.”

The term “Also-Ran”, is derived from Track & Field. You know all those people who start the race but who do not win; they’re called “also-rans.” They didn’t win and they left no impression on the spectator.

Think about it, in the recent Olympics, who finished third in the 100 Meters, the 200 Meters, the Marathon? OK, maybe Track & Field is not your favorite sport. Let’s talk baseball then.

There are 30 Major League teams. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series. Which team finished third, fourth, fifth? You get the idea.

Here’s my last analogy. If I were to ask you who the #1 dominating golfer in the world in the last decade, what would be your answer?

Tiger WoodsIf you answered Tiger Woods, you’d be correct.

Tiger Woods had held the World Number One position for a total of 522 weeks.

So, why settle for a common, medium, middling, ordinary, passable, run-of-the-mill, second-rate, life when you have the potential for greatness?

Greatness is not limited to our appreciation of the rich and famous, those whose notoriety is plastered on movie and television screens, magazines and the Internet.

If defined in that sense only, “Greatness” is reduced to the mediocre, because fame does not define greatness. Greatness can be defined as being exceptional in quality, ability, attitude or experience.

Within in your being resides the capacity to become great. You have the potential, what is hindering you.

You have the capacity to become a great mom or dad, a great son or daughter, a great brother or sister, a great employee or employer, a great friend, a great listener, a great cook. There are so many areas where you can become great.

You could become great, without ever dribbling a basketball or swinging a baseball bat. You could become great without ever making a million dollars, driving a luxury automobile or living in an exclusive neighborhood.

Your greatness, you see, is not measured by that which is external or temporal. It’s measured by the capacity of your heart.

The mediocre, the average and the ordinary pay a great price because they never experience the internal satisfaction of being their best.

I can remember shooting pool with a friend, who was a much better player than me. I would do my best to beat him and every now and then I would. After playing one day and discussing various topics concerning winning, he remarked to me that he never played against his opponent, he played against himself. His standard was set internally. That was the motivation factor.

It is this internal discipline and drive for achievement that separates the mediocre from the great.

Finally, the price paid by the mediocre is a high one. There is a cost of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. The thoughts of what could have been “if”. And then, the ultimate cost, the loss of hope that things can or will ever change.

Don’t settle for being an “also-ran”. The price is too high.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Him for whom nothing is impossible. Your greatness is a decision away. Will you make it?


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