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Dr. Akosua Ali-Sabree

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Dr.  Akosua  Ali-SabreeDr. Akosua Ali-Sabree, affectionately called MaMa Akosua, MaMa General is the executive director of the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC), and founder of the Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM).

MaMa Akosua is also the program director of the Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Wholistic Health & Beauty Expo and the co-founder of the Hair-ITAGE Society, Weekly, MaMa Akosua produces and co-hosts the “Health is A Family Affair” talk show on the Harambee Radio and TV network.

Dr. Ali-Sabree has been a wholistic health and wellness educator/ spiritual counsellor since 1968. She revels in her capacities as sister, daughter, auntie, wife, mother, grandmother, CEO, and mentor.

The many titles she is also known by include intuitive writer, author, publisher, professional registered nurse, certified clinical wholistic hypnocounsellor, life and imagination counsellor, social scientist, certified cultural childbirth educator, stress management trainer, meditation specialist, certified network marketing trainer, community organizer, radio talk show host, and urban generalist.

Dr. Ali-Sabree is Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist with a master’s degree in human services /counseling, an ordained minister with diploma in theology, doctorate in divinity, and a Naturopathy student.

She also serves as secretary minister of the Ummah of Sovereign Sole, and coordinator of the global health and wellness department of the UNIA-ACL /Universal Black Cross Nurses Association, and is a contributing member of Kuumba Family Organizing Committee, the Aboriginal Global Network, and Empowered Community Coalition and other groups.

MaMa Akosua is known for her passionate calls for preserving liberty, reclaiming our ancient Aboriginal Indigenous heritage, and the calming and powerful way she uses everyday conversation to provide spiritual and transformational counseling. In addition to editing newsletters for local businesses and being a regular columnist for the Black Star magazine, she is the co-founder of Ujima Press Real Communication and Liberated MindZ Publishers  and has helped many brothers and sisters fine tune and publish their written work.

Her own published works include:

  • We Surrender: A Collection of Inspirational Poems & Lyrical Verse
  • Hair Piecez: The Anthology
  • Wholistic Guide to Health and Wellness: How to Achieve Peace, Joy, and a Simple Life
  • Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook: Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty & Other Soulful Reflections.

MaMa Akosua is available for consultations, book signings, facilitating workshops, speaking engagements, networking and program development.

Contact her office at 267-217-3074 or 1-888-305-3186 or email:

To connect with Dr. Akosua Ali-Sabree online, feel free to visit her web site:

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About Akosua Ali-Sabree

Dr. Ali-Sabree is a Wholistic health and wellness educator/spiritual counsellor and Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist. She is the executive director of the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC), and founder of the Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM).

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  1. I love you like a mother. You are a role model someone who is actively engaged and making a difference in our community. Keep doing what you do, changing lives.

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