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African Traditions And Customs

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Scarification among African cultures, is a activity, that was widely performed across many Africa nations. Among the recurrent formal qualities that can be found in African sculpture, scarification, along with hairstyles,  are a cultural component that is perceived as aesthetically beautiful.

Scarification is a long and painful process, transmitting complex messages about identity and social status. Permanent body markings emphasize fixed social, political and religious roles.

Facial Scaring

Demonstrates that a person becomes a complete adult when they are properly inscribed with the appropriate scars. These patterns and designs are collectively known as ‘vindala’ and represent one’s advancement through life.

Maursi Lip Plate

Mursi lip plate is seen as , a sign of beauty in Mursi tribe, When they are ready to marry.The lip plate is made of wood or terracotta, they start to make a hole in the lip with a wood stick.It will be kept for one night , and is removed to put a bigger one after, the lip plate has its full size.

Mursi, lip plate

How are Lip Plates Inserted? This tradition is customarily performed between 6 months and a year before a young girl is to marry, usually around the age of s…

Congolese Mangbetu Head Elongation

The Mangbetu believe elongating the head increased the childs intellengence.this  tribe deep in the center of Africa is famous for its hair styles that defied nature. They practiced Lipombo’ – the art of  head elongation that denoted majesty and status,

Mangbetu girl

” … la primordiale innocente bellezza delle donne Mangbetu …” Leggi altro su:…

The rite of passage, still practiced by some Africans today, is a traditional ceremony in which a person enters into a new phase of life.

Journey to Manhood

In Mali, a young Dogon male may believe that without a unique ceremony, he will remain suspended between boyhood and manhood. See All National Geographic Vid…

We can look around our communities and see why a rites of passage is still necessary in the 21st century. Boys and girls don’t just come out of the womb knowing how to be men and women.

These cultural practices are very unusual rituals, for many to grasp but the aim of these African cultures are  to strengthen the spiritual bond between the members of the tribe and their surroundings and build srong family bonds..

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