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Black Wall Street: The Blue Print To Wealth

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Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921

Black Wall StreetI love learning about business, finance, and personal development. I mean I never really thought about it until I started writing this article but I think that’s why the story of black wall street is so fascinating to me. It’s a story that has all the ingredients of things that I am most passionate about. Incredible business development, awesome financial management and because all those other things were in place; amazing personal development as well.

Yes, I understand that in it’s totality Black Wall Street is about the destruction of north Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 by white racist mobs, jealous by the prosperity of a growing black community. But for this article I just would like to focus on the “blue print”  to building real generational wealth that that black north Tulsa community has left us.

They called that community Black Wall Street because of all the wealth and business development that was going on at the time. The dollar circulated 100 times before it left the community. Today it only takes 10 to 15 minutes!

African Americans in 1921 had a multimillionaire business corridor that housed a bank, law firms, barbershops, car dealerships, doctors offices, schools, beauty salons, meat shops, a movie theater, and more! If you were black you didn’t have to leave your community for anything. Today that concept is totally reversed.

Black Wall Street was growing at such a rapid pace that the world wanted to do business with them. As a black community we still, no doubt have that potential, but today we worry about the name tag in our clothes instead of the the name of that company stock we could be investing in.

They say that success leaves clues. Black Wall Street has left us such a blue print on how to build true generational wealth, that’s it’s no way we should ignore it.

This is the wealth building “blue print” that Black Wall St. has left us:

  1. African Americans must support and help finance each others businesses.
  2. Educating our children must be the mainstay of our community.
  3. Business diversity is very important to building wealth.
  4. Do business outside the community, but bring the money back.
  5. Honoring and being a man or woman of your word is very important in business.
  6. The dollar must stay in our community to make all things possible.
  7. African Americans are capable of building a successful world class business infrastructure.

I’ve listed just a few of the things that Black Wall St. has left us.

If you want more, stay tuned for part 2


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    thanks for reminding us what can be achieved when we UNITE

  2. The Blue-Print we need to advance us forward has been laid out for us to follow. Some for immediate use, some things have to be revised, but overall it is the Master-plan for future generations. Nice article Mike.


    Today thaing is not that much better than it was in 1921 they kill our young men the same way and get away with it this need to be showed often our young men and women to see our pass history the same as they show theres
    see we only saw theres now ours need to see our more it takeing to long for ours to come out the last young that have been kill by white cops and get away with it the same as ever

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