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A Fix for Poverty|A Non-Issue, Should American History be Our Guide

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Correcting Poverty

Sadly, many folks who are genuinely desirous of a solution to the poverty issue believe wholeheartedly, that we have to re-invent the wheel. Many have forgotten that this nation created the poverty issue. America also created an eradication policy by entering into proactive social contracts with every citizen of the United States.

The keystone for ending poverty was resolving the issue of wealth distribution with a focus on Anti-Monopolization by Big Business and the Unionization of labor.

Take away the social contracts and viola! We are back into the dark days of American despair, with the Blacks and Latinos pressed beneath the lowest rung of the ladder; as a result of the mantle of Collective Compassionate Compensation and the Affirmative Action ladder was dropped.

In the video below, a Job Corps presentation entitled, the “Socially Alienated Adolescent”, see how the problem of poverty was empathetically and practically addressed back in the day, when Americans cared to exercise American Pride and commonsense first.

Now that the wealthy 1% has stormed the American Stage, today, just as before, greed and chaos have taken the backwards lead.


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About Eileen Thompkins

Eileen Thompkins is a Commercial Artist & Sign-Maker, a Poet, a Hip-Hop Artist, and a life long Reader & Writer who began Journaling as a teen. Thompkins wrote her first published piece for the Camden County College, Campus Press Newspaper.

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