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Why We Study Black History

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Reasons To Study Black History

A people’s relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to its mother. – John Henrik Clarke

We Need To Study Black History More Now Than Ever!

As the present generation (X, Y, Next Gen) seems to drift farther and farther from the historical accomplishments of the Civil Rights era, our consciousness as Black people, on a whole seems to have diminished with regard to facts about our history.

We can blame it on the ‘cultural diversity” of our times or on what appears to be a realization of the “King Dream in the election of the first African American president; but in my opinion, we’re headed in the wrong direction.

I’ve spoken with teenagers who could not tell me who Martin Luther King, Jr. was. The only knowledge they have of Malcolm X is what it says on the T-Shirt they were wearing. These are two icons of Black History that were assassinated less than 50 years ago.

Test Your Knowledge of Black History?

See how many questions you can answer correctly. (No Cheating!)

  1. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the real McCoy“, right? Where did it come from and what is it describing?
  2. How about the phrase, “monkey wrench“? What does it really mean? Where did it originate?
  3. Who was the first female African American Astronaut?
  4. He is credited with an improved process for creating a carbon filament at this time, which was an improvement on Thomas Edison’s original paper filament, which would burn out quickly. Who is he?
  5. He was an inventor and community leader who invented the gas mask and the automatic traffic signal. What’s his name?
  6. His most noted invention was a system for letting the engineer of a train know how close his train was to others. This device helped cut down accidents and collisions between trains.Who was he?
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