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These 2 Exercises Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

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African American Women exercises to reduce risk of diabetes

Have you heard that there is new research that shows that certain types of exercise could reduce your risk of diabetes? Sounds exciting right? (except the exercise part)

Doctors have long thought that the connection between exercise and diabetes for lowering your risk was through aerobic workouts. But a recent study of almost 100,000 women found a new link.

Believe it or not, you could reduce your risk of diabetes by 14% doing muscle-strengthening and conditioning workouts for about an hour a day. Increase your workout schedule to an hour and a half and you risk will be reduced by 40 percent.

Those performing the research think it has to do with the prevention of loss of lean muscle mass. So it’s not about bench presses or heavy weights, but lighter forms of strength training and even yoga.

The magic formula is to combine some aerobic exercises with strengthening workouts; so if you are a jogger, don’t stop. 150 minutes of aerobic exercise plus 60 minutes of muscle-strengthening workouts a week reduced their risk of diabetes by 2/3’s.

You can learn more about reducing the risk of diabetes here: Eating Well To Reduce Diabetes

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