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ASCAC 2014 Conference|Sep Tepy

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Restoring & Transmitting Maat from Sep Tepy


31st ASCAC Conference – Dr. David Imhotep & Darlene Dancy


Just got back from the ASCAC 2014 Conference in Newark, NJ. The theme of the 31st ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Studies  Conference  –  Ancestral Wisdom: Restoring & Transmitting Matt from Sep Tepy.

What Is Sep Tepy?

The ancient Egyptians had a concept they called the Sep Tepy or “First Time”. This was a primordial golden age, an age of the gods, that preceded the rise of the culture we know today as ancient Egypt. According to the Egyptians’ own legends, the exceptionally advanced technologies and mystical systems which the dynastic Egyptians enjoyed were actually the legacy of this elder culture. Many of the Egyptian temples were believed to be reconstructions of temples that had existed in the Sep Tepy but where destroyed in the cataclysm that ended that golden age. The following material is drawn from Andrew Collins’ reading of the Edfu Building texts, as it appears in his book, “The Gods of Eden.” I am currently tracking down a copy of these texts so I can read and redact them for myself, but unfortunately, all I’ve been able to turn up is an oblique reference to them in a Budge book, and a few scattered lines quoted in books like Lucy Lamy’s “Egyptian Mysteries.” But I think the Edfu documents are important enough to continue the search. That, and it’s always a good idea to go back to the source, even when something is being redacted by someone whose scholarship seems pristine. In translations, especially, our personal biases often influence our presentation of the work.

Dr. David Imhotep Explains Sep Tepy

ASCAC 2014 Conference

More About Sep Tepy


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