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The majority of people follow rather than think for themselves. They do not use their brains to work things out because its easier to follow a leader, even if they are being lied to and they may not know they are being lied to because they don’t check it out. If they believe lies they will also tell them.
Liars are blind. They cover their eyes to the truth and hope that people they talk to are as stupid as themselves So whether you’re a judge, a caring wife, or a concerned parent, lying is one of the most common things done by individuals in society. Lying does not only take place within families, but between governments; businesses to customers; and others.
ee3America was build on a lie because Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America. The Native Americans didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Jesus is not white and George Washington had slaves.

As a result, Duane Alan Hahn said that a Liar’s motto is “If at first you don’t deceive, lie, lie, and lie again.”

So Let the Truth be Told: Crooks lie, Criminals lie, Children lie, Parents lie, Husbands and Wives lie, News Reporters lie, Teachers lie, Lawyers lie, Politicians lie, Police Officers lie, Preachers lie, the Government lies and even you and I lie.

But can you spot a liar, if you saw one. Because the Lie is written all over your face according to Marc Salem, a leading authority on nonverbal communication and interpersonal skills, who reveals how to spot a liar in his book The Six Keys To Unlock and Empower Your Mind.

Here are a few hidden clues.

1. Sharp Pauses
When a person is lying, the pauses are longer in the middle of the sentences, provide short answers to questions and take longer to begin their response than someone who’s merely nervous. After all, they need time to create the lie. 


2. The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul
See where the eyes go after you ask the question. People tend to look up to the right to visualize or invent, a response and down to the right to invent sounds. We often recall the truth by looking up to the left or down to the left .

3.Excessive gesturing

When people lie, they move their hands alot, nervous movements like scratching the body or fiddling with a pencil. If a candidate is asked a question & immediately pick up a pen and begins playing with it, something’s a miss subconsciously.


4.Lack of gesturing.

The rehearsed or practiced liar, who has planned his deceit ahead of time, will try to control gestures. Many politicians are coached to stay still during TV appearances. They keep their face inexpressive, upper body stiff and legs often crossed.


Look for unusual movement of the mouth, lips, or tongue, while discussing weapons of mass destruction in recent interview, former Vice president Dick Chaney bit his lips, sucked them inward more than half a dozen times.

Tight lips indicate you may be planning to keep the truth in. If you actually suck the lips in, you maybe withholding anger.

A dry cough or cracking voice is psychological response to the discomfort of lying.

When you are nervous your mouth becomes dry and you lick your lips and swallow as you struggle to find the right words to say.


Hands symbolically express the emotions of the heart which is why liars tend to keep them hidden. Research on handshakes shows that the single most important factor is palm-to-palm contact.

When people don’t get this contact, they wonder what the other person is hiding. They’ll stick their hands in their pockets, clench them, or hold them behind their back.

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A smile is the most common facial expression to make emotions. If is often used to hide displeasure and anger.

A real smile changes the entire face. The eyes light up. The forehead wrinkles, the eyebrows and check muscles rise…..


 Think of this as the super smooth salesman effect.

 Look for nonverbal communication, which include voice, tune, volume, and speaking rate that sound overconfident. You can spot a liar by going with your gut impression.

Listen for anything that doesn’t sound normal. If you feel something is out of norm, even if you can’t articulate it specifically, you are probably right.

Both President Bush and Condi Rice display this behavior.


Just as we pull down the shades when we don’t want others to see into our home, we close off entrances to our body so our feelings aren’t seen. There are windows at the bottom of our feet, kneecaps, bottom of the torso, middle of the chest, neck, mouth, eyes, and top the head.

A liar tends to close off these entrances- putting clothing over them, turning them away from the person’s he is talking to, putting objects or furniture between himself and others, or simply folding his arms. When someone’s windows are closed, we don’t feel as comfortable with the interaction.

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”


source:by Eric D.Graham

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    Patricia Toles-Peterson

    Everyone lies, and if they say they don’t lie; they are lying. I lied when I told my children about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. We often lie to keep from hurting someone’s feelings. We lie to look good in someone else’s eyes. We lie to be funny, and we lie just for the sake of lying. Most lies are harmless, but much too often lies start wars, tear families apart, and end friendships. At the other end of the spectrum; the truth can end wars, bring families together, and build new friendships. Once a lie is told it creates a snowball effect, and you must continue to lie to justify your first lie. Words are the most powerful weapon we possess. Think before you speak !! Everyone hopes they have at least one person they can trust to tell them the TRUTH.

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