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Demystifying Cancer

Exposing the deception of the ‘no-cure’ for cancer
The Authors comments
It was for feedback like the above why I wrote this book. Yet it started from a very personal experience.
Many years ago my aunt was diagnosed with having breast cancer. She was treated with chemotherapy and they removed the breast. She was eventually given the ‘all clear’. However, two years later the cancer returned to a different part of the body. During this time I didn’t know half of what I know now about cancer. Never-the-less, I knew enough then to try and share some information with her as to an alternative approach. She wasn’t that interested. She was scheduled for surgery and she went and had it done. She died shortly after.
I have subsequently thought to myself, “If she had thought through her problem with logic and common sense, what conclusion could she have come to?” her conclusion should have been, “It is either they lied about my being ‘all cleared’ of cancer, or they were incompetent.” If she had reasoned it out in this manner, she would at least have had a look at an alternative approach, but she never did. She was one of tens of millions of people who are socialised into absolute belief in this type of medicine. Such faith was never, and never will be, rewarded. Millions of such people are no longer with us, who, perhaps, would have been with us today.
The number one treatment of choice for the cancer industry is chemotherapy. So, my quest to understand the methodology of the industry that failed my aunt and tens of millions more people started with a simple common sense interpretation of chemotherapy, “If a healthy person takes chemo they will become very ill, so what is the chance of a sick person taking it and become well?”
My research into this treatment that failed my aunt revealed that it has been in use since the 1940s, and in spite of the fact that chemotherapy or radiotherapy has not got a track record of success, it is still the most commonly used. Millions of cancer victims sign up for it in spite of its characteristic of killing good cells and bad cells. Two consequences of this harsh destructive treatment are that some recipients lose their hair and their teeth fall out. Logic says our soft internal organs will also suffer damage, and they do.
New cases of cancer will be doubled by 2050 – Unless enormous pressure is placed on the cancer industry this is not going to change – only an informed public can do this.
Why is the cancer industry stuck in this method of treatment?
Why have they failed to find a cure after over a hundred years of research and being perhaps the most well funded industry in the medical world?
Only three possible questions they should have been researching:
 What causes our cells to become cancerous? (This was established by Dr. Otto Warburg in 1924, and he received a Nobel prize for it!)
 What causes the cancer to spread?
 How can this process be reversed?
There is no way that they have been focusing on these three questions for over a hundred years without coming up with a solution or a cure, especially a solution that doesn’t harm the body. Human beings are not this stupid. In reality, the cancer industry has been overwhelmingly focused on developing drugs that can kill cancer cells. The industry’s methodology and infrastructure doesn’t facilitate dealing with the cause of the disease.
Therefore, even if they develop a drug that can target cancer cells without harming the body, the problem is not solved if the cause is not eliminated. A drug cannot eliminate the cause of cancer, only the symptom of the disease. Proof that the cancer industry has not spent its time and enormous wealth on the correct approach to solve this epidemic is demonstrated by the progress made in medical technology such as surgery. The progress that has been made in surgical knowledge in the past hundred years is staggering. Now we have the reality of keyhole surgery; plastic surgery; heart surgery; kidney transplant; liver transplant; and even bone marrow transplant, to name a few. This is another demonstration that once we understand the basic fundamental of a challenge, we make progress. Chemotherapy treatment cannot be regarded as progress!
Far too many die from something (1 in 3) that so few understand. This book removes the mystery that surrounds cancer, and in so doing, removes the fear. When we understand something, we fear it less. Once you understand the processes in the body that creates cancer, and read the analysis of how cancer has been eliminated without harming the body, you could save your life, the life of someone else, or perhaps many lives.
This book is intended to expose the facts surrounding the processes that cause cancer, and this information will give you the understanding of how to avoid the disease. It will show how people have reversed and eliminated this disease without ever using surgery or drugs, such as the cell damaging treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, much favoured by the cancer industry.
Source: Devon SJ  Morgan
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