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African Presence In America Before Columbus

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African Presence in Ancient America before Columbus

This video’s purpose is to stress to Africans in America and the world that our history did not start with slavery in the New World. The Ancient Ancestors of…

Black Author Revolutionizes American History – NOI Research Group

Of course, the most comprehensive work on this subject is They Came Before Columbus: The Black Presence In Ancient America, written by Ivan Van Sertima in 1976. states: “The Proto-Mandingoes, Olmecs, Egyptians, and Algonquins/Skraelings [all Black people] entered the Americas thousands of years after the first Africans began arriving from Africa before 56,000 B.C.”

These various Black migrants brought civilization to the New World over several millennia.

Could Africans really have traveled to America before Columbus?

Dr. Van Sertima gave a powerful lecture about the African Presence in America before Columbus, a topic I never heard of before and honestly doubted it’s validity.I thought I would leave the lecture only convinced that…

Christopher Columbus: father of modern-day white supremacy (part 1)

[Zinn, 19] In many Ancient American societies, as in Ancient African societies, “power was shared between the sexes and the European idea of male dominancy and female subordination in all things was conspicuously absent…” [Zinn, 20] This …. It was also during one of these travels to and from the West Coast of Africa that in either 1441 or 1442 – less than a decade before Columbus was born – several African slaves were brought to the European continent.

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