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Blacks Born With Blue Eyes

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Blue Eyes Have Always Been Associated With Whites

It is generally believed that black people do not possess blue eyes. The blue eyes has always been associated with the Caucasians (whites). In many scientific studies and a more recent one conducted by the Copenhagen University the genetic mystery of “blue eyes” is said to have originated from the northeast coast of the Black Sea.

Haitian girl with beautiful blue eyes

So why are some few black people have “blue eyes’ nowadays? The answer according to scientists could only be attributed to genetic mutation or Waardenburg Syndrome (WS), which is a rare (1/40,000) disease characterized by sensorineural deafness in association with pigmentation anomalies and defects of neural-crest-derived tissues.

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Blue eye African-American

However, it is also a historical truth the Africans colonized Europe over 10,000 years ago and they were inf fact the first homo sapiens to cross Europe to Asia and south pacific. Could it also be that some blacks with blue eyes may have gotten blue eyes from their ancient African ancestors and whites that inter-bred during Africa`s colonization of Europe? This question has become more relevant as some few children born of both African/100% black parents possesses “blue eyes.”

African boy with blue eyes.This photo is, perhaps, the best example of a black African, non-mulatto, non-albino, with blue eyes. Also, the boy in the picture does not appear to have Waardenberg Syndrome, also a source of blue eyes in blacks. This leaves the strong possibility of a rare mutation of a key eye color gene.

Zimbabwean boy with blue eyes.

(The photographer, Vanessa Bristow, called it “The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes”.)


Sierra Leone boy with Blue Eyes

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