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Mentoring and Community aka MC

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A Different Perspective On Mentoring and Community

roachHi, my name is Roach and today I will be your MC for this article. Some of you may know me as cockroach, the nightly creature that comes out at night or that little brown pest that runs in your cereal after it was left opened. Well, today is a new day. Today, I will MC this article and you may want to hear what I have to say. For instance, why do you think I go into your cereal box? It’s not because I am hungry, which I am, but because you left it opened. If the box was closed then chances are, I would have moved on to something else. However, you may decide to make an attempt to kill me or described me as something nasty, which then caused you to throw out the entire box of cereal. Well, all of this could have been easily avoided if you had not left the cereal box opened. Therefore, this article is similar to this scenario. We will look at Mentoring and Community from different angles in hopes of delivering a new scope of resolution.

I was taught that before I came out at night, I should look if the light is on or off, listen to any noise movement and proceed with caution. This is similar to a child crossing the street and looking up and down, listens for coming traffic and then proceeding with caution. So let us look if the lights are on or off, which is to start with the knowledge definition of the words Mentoring and Community. If you know them already that mean your light of knowledge is on, but if not, then that means your light of knowledge is off, which is no biggie. That’s why I am here.

According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, a mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person. However, please pay close attention to the definition. The source provided the definition of a mentor not mentoring, which it suggested when I typed in the definition on the word mentoring. This is where my skill comes into play. The difference between the word mentor and mentoring, is the suffix ING. According to the same online dictionary source, the suffix ING represents and action that is in the form of a process. Therefore, we can easily say that Mentoring is the process of an action that is applied to a mentor. For example, the teacher is mentoring the student to become a better person in class. Hence, the teacher (mentor) is applying the process of mentoring to the student.

If there is no action then it is just a mentor, which is the person that typically does the teaching. The person receiving the process is called a mentee. In essence, mentoring is a process between a mentor and a mentee. Pretty good right? You never knew that a Roach would be able to break this down so decent for you… So let’s move on to our next word, community. This is a straight forward word as there is no suffix at the end of the word. Therefore, we should have a precise definition. According to the same online source, a Community is a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc. Please note something significant about this definition. It did not state that the community is a group of people working together. It just states that it is a group of people who have common interests, which the word community would have to add the suffix __?__ to make it into a process of action? If you guessed ING then you are correct. This means that we would have to lean to the word CommunitING, which is to change the “Y” to an “I” and add NG. This now makes it into a process also known as an action, which is the people working together on one interest. Now, logically think what will happen when there is no working together for one common interest?  Separation!!!

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About Cleous Young

Mentor and Inspirational speaker, Mr. Cleous G. Young, is also the author of several children’s books, including his latest interactive CD-Rom book The Mountain of Miracles. As a former teacher within the Philadelphia Charter School System, Young has gained valuable insights to some of the tools that our children need to succeed in life.

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    Mentoring was the method used in traditional cultures to optimize the abilities of the next generation.this crucial step was left out of the educational system created in the Western hemisphere.

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