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The Unmatched Provider

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The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof


No one person, government or group has ever used its power or might to try to care for the entire earth and all of its inhabitants. Never in the history of this world has any government seen the need to cater to or commit to caring for the earth. However, this does not omit the fact that the earth is the ultimate provider for all life on this planet. The earth provides a means to gain oxygen, water and food, which are essential to life’s survival.The air, water and food supplies are limited and slowly diminishing.

Man, who is greedy for riches and power is determined to destroy the ability to for anyone to have these essentials any longer. The air and water are polluted and the food is toxic and chemically off balance.

Since man has refused to submit to the laws of nature, nature will no longer submit to man. Instead, nature will begin to destroy man and all that man has built. Wild animals will really start attacking people without warning. Whales, sharks and other sea animals will continue to strike out at man with no apparent motives. Until we learn to humble our selves, change our ways and start loving one another and working together like family, nature will be taking major bites out of the lives and hearts of many Americans and others across the globe that share many of the same evil beliefs as Americans have portrayed for hundreds of years.

“We are allowing genocide in Sudan and other parts of Africa and the world and we do nothing. Yet we speak of stopping terrorism throughout the world but we only intervene where we can get oil”.

To stop the destruction of life in Sudan is neither politically or economically profitable for The United States government at this time.” While so many people in America feel that President Bush and his administration are doing a wonderful job for the United States of America and it’s so called allies, mother – nature feels quite the opposite.

When President Bush and his administration decided to bomb Iraq the weather changed. It was as if nature was angry and began to strike out at America, causing the loss of lives and literally billions of dollars in damages. Somehow our government was on the verge of self-destruction without even knowing it.

Displacing innocent women, men and children of Iraq from their homes and property is one thing, but killing them constantly is another. And, since Americans are so bent on supporting the evils of our government, many of us will be forced to suffer in ways man has yet to imagine. The experiences we are facing in Disaster areas are similar to those of a war torn countries.

Stagnate water, the spread of harmful bacteria and germs, little or no food or medical supplies, no running water, no utilities, no phone, no transportation, no sanitation facilities, no money, no family, no friends and in so many cases, no hope of regaining their loses.

These are the circumstances of war victims and yet not one shot has been fired by enemy forces The earth and all of its forces are working against America and will continue to do so until the American people change their ways and their leadership.

As long as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, mother nature seeks to cleanse the earth of the undecided, middle of the roaders, on and offers in the spirit world and perpetrators who say they love the people but in fact use the ignorance and weakness of the people to control and deceive them.

Remember, earth is the unmatched provider.

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About Queen Ayacodobae

QUEEN AYACODOBAE RAMKISSOON is the Executive Director/Founder of Earth Blessings, Inc. and Head of Pedagogy. QUEEN is also an educational consultant, speaker, philanthropist, actress, teacher, composer, dancer, poetess, artist, nutritionist, musician, wife and mother. She is an international traveler who specializes in cultural, educational, vocational awareness programs with emphasis on youth and the physically challenged. She conducts seminars for community groups, government agencies, corporations, colleges, and universities, within the United States and abroad. Full Bio here

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