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Welcome to Black History Facts

blackhistorymonth2014-administratorsBlack History is rich and diverse. Despite what you were taught in most classrooms in America, Black History did not begin with slavery.  And it continues beyond the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.

Black History past, present and future is rich and diverse.

Our goal, though ambitious is to present the history of African people (in America and throughout the diaspora) in a rich and responsive medium.

We have combined curated content from multiple sources, original content from Black scholars and contributors, images, video and audio to facilitate the learning process. The process is ongoing and we have lots more to do.

We hope you will engage with us. Leave a comment, share using Social Media, send us feedback. Agree or disagree, but engage!

Black History Facts 365

Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950) is credited with being the father of Black History Month. In 1926, Woodson pioneered the celebration of “Negro History Week”, designated for the second week in February, to coincide with marking the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. The week of recognition became accepted and has been extended as the full month of February, now known as Black History Month.

In 1933 Carter G. Woodson penned the amazing book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, where he states “when you control a man’s thinking, you don’t have to worry about his actions.”

Woodson firmly believed that the majority of African Americans regardless of education or economic background were ignorant when it came to their own history and culture. He believed, as I believe that we are being trained to become an inferior under-caste.

How Do We Change This Mindset… How Do We Raise Our Consciousness?

  1. Knowing who our ancestors were prior to slavery. Not knowing this history relegates us to a state of Mental Bondage. We must ENVOKE Thought and resurrect the African consciousness.
  2. Become informed and instructed by the experience of our ancestors. This means reading books (written and researched by African American scholars).
  3. Use our history as a guide to advance in the direction that we must go.
  4. Learn from the mistakes of the past. Draw from its strengths in order to build strong economic, political and culturally based communities.

Studying our culture and history helps us to identify key contributions of African Americans that might otherwise be omitted or minimized by European scholars. For too long, those outside of our communities have dictated to us who we are, where we come from and what our contribution to society have been.

It does not matter what endeavor you choose in life, in order to make something better, you must take a look at it’s history. The past must serve as our laboratory and any date from the past – must serve as our foremost vital evidence in our quest to figure out why a species behaves as it does in social settings.

It is not enough to simply acknowledge our history from an academic perspective. We have to become engaged!

Engagement mean investment – in time, talent and yes… MONEY.

If you want to contribute, see our Guest Blogging Guidelines for details.


Darlene Dancy

Darlene Dancy

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    Gerald A. Archambeau-author

    As one of the few black Canadian I was able to successfully publish my own autobiography, which has done well around the world by telling of my own life as a black immigrant that was sent Canada in 1947. The title of my book:
    “A Struggle to Walk with Dignity-The True story of a Jamaican-born Canadian”2008. I have been blessed with good health today, which is the best gift that anyone could have along with my loving wife Marion of 34 years. Please take a look at my book on the net and see for yourself, if is worthy of noting and reading for others. Gerald A.

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