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Niki Minaj Lookin A** Ni**a Malcolm X Controvery


Why Malcolm X rifle image still strikes a chord On February 12th, all was going swell for Nicki Minaj. “Real hip-hop lovers,” some pioneering writers from hip-hop’s golden ‘90s, were praise-tweeting her flow on her new single “Lookin’ A** Ni**a.” Likened to a rap version of TLC’s “No Scrubs,” the single was redemption in many folks’ eyes, a return, if ... Read More »

These 2 Exercises Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

reduce risk of diabetes

Have you heard that there is new research that shows that certain types of exercise could reduce your risk of diabetes? Sounds exciting right? (except the exercise part) Doctors have long thought that the connection between exercise and diabetes for lowering your risk was through aerobic workouts. But a recent study of almost 100,000 women found a new link. Believe ... Read More »

6 Common Misconceptions About the Enslavement of African People

Arab Slave Trade - African enslavement under Islam

The Beginning of the Slave Trade I came across this article in the “In The News” section of BlackHistoryMonth2014. It was published in the AtlantaBlackStar. I decided to curate it here because it may have gone unnoticed on the site. Moreover, it brought back to memory the many lectures I’ve reviewed by Dr. John Henrik Clarke in which he described ... Read More »

Homosexuality And The Black Community

Michael Sam

Is Gay REALLY the New Black? Do African-Americans have a special responsibility to fight for LGBT equality? Some time ago, it was suggested by one of our contributors to include pieces on the LGBT community.  As recent events continue to unfold about gay rights and with the announcement by University of Missouri All-American defensive lineman Michael Sam that he is  ... Read More »

The Black Man Must Wake Up|Yosef Ben Jochannan

Black man wake up

Professor Yosef Ben Jochannan is an Egyptologist. Having taught at Cornell University for over 15 years, Dr. Ben, as he is affectionately known, has lectured widely on both sides of the Atlantic. His theme – the ancient civilizations of Egypt. For more than five decades, Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, a master teacher, researcher, author, lecturer, has led what has now become ... Read More »

101 Little Known Black History Facts

black history facts-who are we

Black History Facts You Might Not Know As we continue in our celebration of Black History Month, I wanted to share my list of ‘101 Little Known Black History Facts’ with you. The history of Black people is intertwined into the fabric of these United States and the world. Our indelible imprint on the times and events spanning from 1619 ... Read More »

African Americans And Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes in African American community

Type 2 Diabetes Affects Blacks 2X More Than Whites By the latest reckoning, Americans affected by diabetes have exceeded the 20 million mark and worst than that figures will be the troubling reality that practically 60 million a lot more Americans are at dangers to develop the illness as they may be now currently nursing pre-diabetic signs and symptoms. Type ... Read More »

Why We Study Black History

why we study black history

Reasons To Study Black History We Need To Study Black History More Now Than Ever! As the present generation (X, Y, Next Gen) seems to drift farther and farther from the historical accomplishments of the Civil Rights era, our consciousness as Black people, on a whole seems to have diminished with regard to facts about our history. We can blame ... Read More »

Top 10 Black History Books

Black history books

Top 10 Black History Books For 2014 Black History Month is right around the corner so we’ve created a Top 10 Black History Books list for your edification and enjoyment. Interested in the Civil Rights Movement? Black Freedom Movement? Civil Rights Figures? There is something for everyone on this Black History Month 2014 books list. Maybe like me, you’re interested ... Read More »

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