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Black Cinema

RHEINLAND A Film About the Forgotten “Rheinland Children”

RHEINLAND Being Black and German… RHEINLAND needs your support… … because we will show you a part of history you won’t find in most history books and the fate of the “Rheinland Children” must be made visible. The common denominator of being people of African descent; whether on the continent of Africa, in the United States, in the Caribbean or ... Read More »

Black Theater

Negro Ensemble Company Prior to the 1960s, there were virtually no outlets for the wealth of black theatrical talent in America. Playwrights writing realistically about the black experience could not get their work produced, and even the most successful performers, such as Hattie McDaniel and Butterfly McQueen, were confined to playing roles as servants. It was disenfranchised artists such as ... Read More »

Black Hollywood Film Directors


10 Highest Grossing Films by African American Directors The number one film at the box office this weekend was no real surprise: Thor: The Dark World held on to the spot in its second week, adding another $38 million, bringing its total to $138 million, so far. Look for it to have a precipitous drop next weekend facing Hunger Games: ... Read More »

History of Television – Black Sitcoms

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BLACK SITCOMS: Recasting Stereotypes Although Amos and Andy is cited most often as an example of black-face radio performances, there were many other stereotypical black-face characters in old time radio shows like Two Black Crows, Beulah and Aunt Jemima. Two Black Crows were based on coon stereotypes while both Beulah and Aunt Jemima were based on the “Mammy” stereotype. Beulah ... Read More »

Blaxploitation Movies|Black Movies

blaxploitation movies

Blaxploitation  The 1970s was one of the most prolific times for Black movies. There were an enormous number of African-American films made during this period. Many of the Black movies made during the 70s have become known as Blaxploitation films. Before 1970 blacks were portrayed in film as train porters, waitresses and shoe-shine boys. That changed in 1971 with Melvin Van Peebles’ ... Read More »

Black Film Cinema|History of Race Movies


Black Movies & Black Film History: The Early Years When Thomas Edison was shooting his actualities in the 1890’s (footage of unedited real events) little did he know that his film of black women bathing their kids in Jamaica or the return of the African American cavalry division from the Spanish American War, would be the first and last for ... Read More »

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