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Black History

African Traditions And Customs

Scarification Scarification among African cultures, is a activity, that was widely performed across many Africa nations. Among the recurrent formal qualities that can be found in African sculpture, scarification, along with hairstyles,  are a cultural component that is perceived as aesthetically beautiful. Scarification is a long and painful process, transmitting complex messages about identity and social status. Permanent body markings emphasize fixed social, ... Read More »

The Magical Third Eye


THE MAGICAL EYE OF HORUS The Eye Of Horus is the most sacred Egyptian Symbol dating back to the pre-dynastic period. It represents the eye of the ancient Egyptian God Horus, “The Sky God”. This magical symbol represents Protection and Resurrection. It is eluded to that one who adorns this “Sacred Eye Of Horus”, will forever be blessed with prosperity, ... Read More »

African Wedding Traditions – Past and Present


A result of the slave disapora many traditional and cultural practices amongst the slave population were lost. Marriage for slave couples was not legally recognized. Moreover the wedding ceremony, which was an elaborate celebration for many African tribes, was reduced to the the practice of “jumping the broom”, which was popularized by the 1970’s mini-series Roots. ZULU WEDDING DANCE Where ... Read More »

Welcome To Black History Facts 365

Carter G. Woodson

Welcome to Black History Facts 365. Our goal is to produce a site that transcends the traditional “Black History Month” icons and narrative. Black History is American History.  Visit often and join us as we explore the rich history of Africans in America. We should emphasize not Negro History, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a ... Read More »

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