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Succeeding Against The Odds


CONGRATULATIONS TO  THE CLASS OF 2014 For the fifith consecutive year, 100% of the seniors from Urban Prep’s Englewood and West campuses and the inaugural graduating class from its Bronzeville Campus have been accepted to four-year colleges and universities. Urban Prep Academies is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by education entrepreneur Tim King and a group of African-American education, ... Read More »

Scholarships Black History Month

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Top 10 Black History Month Scholarships for February 2014 There are several new scholarship programs for African American students with deadlines during the month of February, Black History month. February is here again, and Black History month is being celebrated all around the world. Many television channels have launched special programming for the month, companies have launched special advertising campaigns, ... Read More »

Educating African American Children

Developing Resilience in Urban Youth Introduction – Creating Resilience in Urban Youth Reports of the disturbing condition of youth in urban America continue to capture the nation’s attention. Although it is appropriate to recognize the desperate social and economic conditions that affect young people, it is also critical to study and understand how some youth succeed despite the overwhelming odds ... Read More »

Mentoring and Community aka MC


A Different Perspective On Mentoring and Community Hi, my name is Roach and today I will be your MC for this article. Some of you may know me as cockroach, the nightly creature that comes out at night or that little brown pest that runs in your cereal after it was left opened. Well, today is a new day. Today, ... Read More »

Don’t Believe The Hype

Black Sterotypes

The Stereotypes & Myths About Black Folk Have you ever wondered why there are so many stereotypes being circulated about black people? Or better yet why do we believe them. What is a stereotype? Race-based stereotypes and myths pose a great threat to racial equality. That’s because racial stereotypes and myths can lead to prejudice and hatred, which, in turn, ... Read More »

STEM Education

What is STEM education? The term “STEM education” refers to teaching and learning in the fields of science, technology,engineering, and mathematics. It typically includes educational activities across all grade levels— from pre-school to post-doctorate—in both formal (e.g., classrooms) and informal (e.g., afterschool programs) settings. Why Is STEM Important? Science is the one subject that encompasses everything in life and helps ... Read More »

MENTORING Black Children Builds Self Esteem

MENTORING BLACK CHILDREN We all want the best for our children and we want them to be the best that that can be. We want them to be successful, happy, and use there talents to withstand all the complexities life will throw their way. As adults have you noticed how some of the struggles of the your past may have thwarted ... Read More »

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