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Boycott of the 1965 American Football League All-star game

1965 AFL all-star boycott

Lessons From 1965’s Football Boycott Against Jim Crow Was This Their Freedom Ride? This scene was evident as the American Football League scheduled its annual All-Star game for Saturday, January 16, 1965, to be played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. This contest came just ten days after the city had hosted the first completely integrated Sugar Bowl game ... Read More »

19 Revolutionary Ways To Use Everyday Items


Ways To Use Everyday Items To Improve Your Life Don’t you hate when you’re at home and you suddenly realize that you need something but you’re just way too lazy to go out to get it OR you’re too frugal? Happens all the time. From a medicinal standpoint, there are so many everyday items you can use to solve simple ... Read More »

African Samuria Warrior

black samurai

Yasuke: The African Samurai Japan is not a place one would usually associate with immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean. Yet in the late 16th century Japan’s most powerful warlord, Oda Nobunaga, had a black page who was not only a cultural curiosity but also served as Nobunaga’s bodyguard and was granted the prestigious rank of Samurai. This was a time ... Read More »

Angry Black Men

sam jackson

 THE UNEXPRESSED ANGER OF BLACK MEN IN AMERICA NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — In the year that has been called “The Year of the Angry White Male,” it seems as if everybody can express their anger but Black men. The “white Tea baggers” can get angry but not Black men (especially if you are a Black Panther). Rush, Hannity, Beck, and ... Read More »



WHY DO PEOPLE LIE/HOW TO SPOT A LIAR The majority of people follow rather than think for themselves. They do not use their brains to work things out because its easier to follow a leader, even if they are being lied to and they may not know they are being lied to because they don’t check it out. If they ... Read More »

Teach Your Child To Swim


Why Don’t Black People Swim: Race, Stereotypes, & America How many times have you been invited to a pool party and when you got there… NO ONE WAS IN THE POOL? What is this what prevents African Americans from enjoying the recreational sport of swimming? This stereotype like many others has been around for quite some time, with statistics to ... Read More »

Black Leadership

neo black politics

Does the Black Political Class Actually Protect or Defend Black People? If Not, What Do They Do? Let’s take a trip to an imaginary black America, a place in which black leaders regularly stood on their hind legs to safeguard and protect the interest of their constituents against greedy banksters and institutional racism in the job, credit and housing markets. It’s ... Read More »

Blood Diamonds


History of Blood Diamonds BLING: Consequences and Repercussions When American rapper Kanye West sang “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” it was the first time a hip hop artist raised the issue of blood diamonds from Africa making it onto the necks and fingers of African American artists in America.  A new short documentary takes the question a few steps further. “BLING: ... Read More »

Temple University Takes On Wrong Professor in Terminating Dr. Anthony Monteiro’s Contract

Professor Anthony Montiero sold out by Molefi Assante

Reinistate Dr. Anthony Monteiro, and Reinvent US Higher Education This article by Glen Ford appeared in the Black Agenda Report on 3/12/2014. “Temple University took on the wrong adjunct professor when they terminated Dr. Anthony Monteiro’s contract” It’s not so easy to fire an associate professor of African American Studies who has forged strong ties with the surround Black community. ... Read More »

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