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ASCAC 2014 Conference|Sep Tepy


Restoring & Transmitting Maat from Sep Tepy   Just got back from the ASCAC 2014 Conference in Newark, NJ. The theme of the 31st ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Studies  Conference  –  Ancestral Wisdom: Restoring & Transmitting Matt from Sep Tepy. What Is Sep Tepy? The ancient Egyptians had a concept they called the Sep Tepy or “First Time”. This was a ... Read More »

College Education Equals Better Jobs Is A Myth


COLLEGE EDUCATION  VS  JOB CREATION The Myth of Higher Education With the cost of a college education going through the roof, what would you tell your child to study so they can be sure of getting a good job when they graduate? If your child’s main goal is to get a job, I would suggest he rethink the whole idea ... Read More »

Niki Minaj Lookin A** Ni**a Malcolm X Controvery


Why Malcolm X rifle image still strikes a chord On February 12th, all was going swell for Nicki Minaj. “Real hip-hop lovers,” some pioneering writers from hip-hop’s golden ‘90s, were praise-tweeting her flow on her new single “Lookin’ A** Ni**a.” Likened to a rap version of TLC’s “No Scrubs,” the single was redemption in many folks’ eyes, a return, if ... Read More »

History Of The Lawn Jockey

history of the lawn jockey

Lawn Jockey History – 1776-1913 We get many questions regarding the origins and rich history of the great American Lawn Jockey statue. Many are surprised to learn that the Lawn Jockey is actually an evolution of 3 related statues and was used primarily as a horse hitching post in the 1800’s. The Lawn Jockey makes history come alive with legends ... Read More »

The 10 Most Important Books for the Hip Hop Community

Hip Hop Reads

10+  Books for the Hip Hop Community I was searching the web for books appropriate to various audiences. Friends are always asking me about books they should pick up. I found a list of books recommended for the Hip Hop community compiled by Jeff Carroll. I have wanted to write this story for a long time. I have always loved ... Read More »

The Role Of The Black Church

face of black church

Black Churches, Community and Development As the church is an integral part of the Black experience, I believe this article by Omar M. McRoberts is timely and informative. It discusses the progressive and changing role of the church and gives us plenty to think about as we move forward in the 21st century and beyond. When people discuss “faith-based community ... Read More »

A Fix for Poverty|A Non-Issue, Should American History be Our Guide

Fixing Poverty

Correcting Poverty Sadly, many folks who are genuinely desirous of a solution to the poverty issue believe wholeheartedly, that we have to re-invent the wheel. Many have forgotten that this nation created the poverty issue. America also created an eradication policy by entering into proactive social contracts with every citizen of the United States. The keystone for ending poverty was ... Read More »

Top 10 Black History Books

Black history books

Top 10 Black History Books For 2014 Black History Month is right around the corner so we’ve created a Top 10 Black History Books list for your edification and enjoyment. Interested in the Civil Rights Movement? Black Freedom Movement? Civil Rights Figures? There is something for everyone on this Black History Month 2014 books list. Maybe like me, you’re interested ... Read More »

Jomo Kenyatta|Dedan Kimathi

Jomo Kenyatta and Dedan Kimathi: Who Did Colonialist Fear More

Who Did Colonialist Fear More: Jomo Kenyatta or Dedan Kimathi? Dedan Kimathi statue (left) and Jomo Kenyatta Statue (Right) at Nairobi City, Kenya. When Nelson Mandela was released from imprisonment and visited Kenya 1990 one of his interests was to see Dedan Kimathi family. A biography that is coming out written by Joseph Karimi promises to shed more light on ... Read More »

The Truth About AFRICOM

AFRICOM feature

AFRICOM AIN’T THE PEACE CORPS The U.S. military’s AFRICOM forces pretend their mission on the continent is humanitarian. In reality, AFRICOM is the sharp edge of U.S. imperialism, a killing force eager to impose American dominance. The military command “locks Africa into a state of dependency and maintains favorable political and social conditions for U.S.-based corporations that exploit Africa’s natural ... Read More »

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