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Towards A Strategy For Sustainable African/Diasporan Development

sustainable development

An African American Perspective As a graduate student at UCLA in 1976, majoring in Political Science, with a specialization in Southern African politics, the burning question, at that time, was “What Path to Development for Africa”. Today, the answer to the question remains as elusive now, as then, perhaps, even more so. As I’ve wrestled with this question, since my ... Read More »

White Privilege – White Fear

white man with gun

 White fear of Black men Ever wonder why the fear of blacks by whites is so embedded in their culture,  I mean given their violent history of aggression towards African American (that  is so documented) wouldn’t  you think it would be the opposite. What is the psychology, the science behind such blatant violence and aggression?  I found this article (written ... Read More »

What is Truth

what is univ truth

“Is there such a thing as Absolute Truth / Universal Truth?” What is Truth – is almost as perplexing as asking the question ‘what is the meaning of life’ and our purpose in it. On any given day you will receive an answer based on how the individual is feeling. I have pondered this question myself and Truth to me ... Read More »

Noah Samara


How Africa Business Man Noah Samara Did Battle US Government To Launch His Own Satellite. Afrikan businessman named Noah Samara did battle with the US by generating the necessary funds to launch his own satellite. Noah A. Samara at the age of 34, became the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the internationally known and now bankrupt WorldSpace, the ... Read More »

Child Soldiers in Uganda

child soldiers

10 Unbelievable Facts about Child Soldiers in Uganda Uganda is a country whose past is marred by a rich history of political coups and instability. Uganda has seen over 4 coups since its inception and has more than its fair share of dictators the most infamous being Idi Amin Dada who expelled all Asians from the country in the 1980s. ... Read More »

Human Guinea Pigs At Holmesburg Prison

Human Guinea Pigs This is not a new story, but after hearing about the health conditions inside prisons and how inmates are affected (first hand from a family member), I was motivated to relate this story; which in many ways remains unsettled. Nearly 300 former inmates of Philadelphia’s Holmesburg Prison are demanding that the Philadelphia City Council launch an investigation ... Read More »

The Unmatched Provider

The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof No one person, government or group has ever used its power or might to try to care for the entire earth and all of its inhabitants. Never in the history of this world has any government seen the need to cater to or commit to caring for the earth. However, this ... Read More »

A Compass Called History

compass called history

History- The Politics of History As his words so eloquently state, history teaches a people, it helps an individual develop, and gives them a glimpse of who they were, and will be. At every point in one’s education they will likely hear the saying “knowledge is power”. The power of knowledge is not confined to algebra or vocabulary words. Knowledge ... Read More »

Julian Francis Abel

JULIAN FRANCIS ABELE (1881-1950) The next time you make the historic run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, take a moment to thank Julian Francis Abele, the first African-American graduate of what is now University Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts. First African American student to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Architecture   Julian ... Read More »

Zulu Tribe

THE ZULU TRIBE In our attempt to bring you the most accurate information as it relates to the African Diasporia and their culture it is our belief that these stories are more accuratly depicted as told through the lense of African scholars.  This story is the research of a Kwekudee (who is  a African journalist from the country of Ghana. ... Read More »

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