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Guest Blogging Guidelines

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Content should be a minimum of 300 words. (submit content to blackhistorymonth2014[at]

Content must be your own original work. When quoting others, please cite your sources accordingly. You are welcome to promote the post on third party sites such as Twitter and Facebook or on your own blog if you have one.

We do not pay for guest posts. If you decide to write a guest post for us, you do so without any expectation of compensation monetary or otherwise. The post itself will acknowledge your authorship, but will be the property of unless we specify differently in writing. has the right to use your submitted post and images as we see fit both on the website and on third party sites.

For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos, you specifically give us the following permission; you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content that you post on or in connection with

Protecting Other People’s Rights

You will not use our copyrights or trademarks, or any confusingly similar marks, without our written permission.

Images welcomes images and/or video to accompany your post as long as they are directly relevant to the post content. If you’re including pictures of people, please make sure you have their permission to use them. If you’re borrowing an image we require proper attribution to the creator of the image.

Links will always give you credit as the author of your post including a link to your website in the byline of your post. This may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site.

Editing will approve all posts and reserves the right to make edits to the post where necessary to ensure the blog stays congruous with our values. Prior to publication we will make sure you agree with these changes.

Guest Post Format

Please stick to the format and read these guidelines.

  • Introduction – Please follow standard essay writing practices. Introduce your audience to the main point of your article.
  • First line – Choose the text carefully as first line automatically becomes the META description tag of the article and affects search engine search result rankings.
  • Article Text – Web readers have short attention spans. Add bold, underlines, paragraphs and h3 tags wherever required to give your article text more clarity. Try bullets, numbered lists to get a better copy.
  • External Link policy -There is no limit to external links to other sites. All links are do-follow.
  • Images – Strongly recommended you add an image as it helps to get a better reader response. You can find some images on Flickr with Creative Commons license which can be legally shared based on the CC license. Include optimized fast loading images with maximum 500px wide to fit in our template.
  • Author Byline – all articles need some information about you. We will create a Contributor Box for you which will include a brief bio, your head-shot image and links to your website and social media sites (include them if you have them, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)

How to Submit Guest Article

  • Send your article by email to [email protected]
  • Attach article in html format preferably (or MS-Word, txt)
  • Attach images separately with email. Check max size is 500px wide. If size is bigger, then please send unresized uncompressed png, we will crop and optimize it. Confirm source of image for credits and CC license.
  • Send you twitter url to add to our Twitter guest bloggers list.


  • When will the article be published? – Sometimes we will agree small edits with the author to edit the article to make it perform better for you. Article will go live ASAP (1 hour -5 days) depending on how well you have formatted the content. If you have any particular timing or day of choice – do let us know. Please format articles as per guidelines to get them published really fast.
  • Can I make any changes once article is published? – If there are minor edits, just let us know.
  • Why is my article not published? We envisage receiving a lot of guest articles requests every day, but we are able to publish few articles only. Ensure your article is outstanding and meets the guest post format. Check the reasons for rejection above.
  • I want to publish more articles? Sure. Keep sending them in.

After Article is Published

  • Answer Comments – readers may like to clarify issues and discuss in comments. Having the guest author answer comments add to credibility and better response.
  • Promote on social media sites – submit your article to site like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and share the article with more friends. If they like your article, they share with more people and they are interested to know who the guest author is and click to your site
  • Post link to your blog – Post a link to your guest article on your blog and inform your readers about your article. This will help to showcase your guest blogging skills and they might invite you to guest blog too.

The video below describes an easy way to send “guest blog” post if you are using WordPress blogs. We’ll post other video tutorials soon for those who use MS Word or plain .txt editors. Thanks!

Download PDF




    Please feel free to visit the oldest and largest enslaved and free (existing ) African cemetery in America.


    The aftermath of slavery came segregation laws.
    Then followed jim crow act.
    Discrimination against African Americans specifically in employment

    Dennis Minus (Adili Adabu Mweana)

    Thank you Darlene for your great work and vision!


    great post,Very insightful, Thank you for sharing!

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