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Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights Act 1875

Civil Rights Acts Most of us are familiar with the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But did you know that long before that landmark legislation, there were other Civil Rights Acts passed in the United States? Below read the history of how Civil Rights have changed over time and discover why even today, these rights are only secured through our continued ... Read More »

Scholarships Black History Month

group of african american co

Top 10 Black History Month Scholarships for February 2014 There are several new scholarship programs for African American students with deadlines during the month of February, Black History month. February is here again, and Black History month is being celebrated all around the world. Many television channels have launched special programming for the month, companies have launched special advertising campaigns, ... Read More »

Black History Month Has To Go

black gang 2

PEOPLE THINK WE DON’T NEED TO CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH I say take a look at the images in this collage, internalize them, let these images of our youth Ooze into the essence of your Inner Soul and then ask yourself, HAVE I LOST MY F””KIN MIND!” Yes, I agree BHM should be taught 365days out of the year. You ... Read More »

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