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Black Panther Party

BLACK PANTHER PARTY Pieces of History The Black Panther Party was a progressive political organization that stood in the vanguard of the most powerful movement for social change in America since the Revolution of 1776 and the Civil War: that dynamic episode generally referred to as The Sixties. It is the sole black organization in the entire history of black ... Read More »

The Evolution of Black Education

Howard University

The Role of Black Education Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to next. In 1773 a time when most African Americans could not read or write a self taught slave from Boston published a collection of literary works entitled,”Poems on the Varies Subjects, Religious and Moral”. Her name was Phyllis Wheatley, and ... Read More »

Julian Francis Abel

JULIAN FRANCIS ABELE (1881-1950) The next time you make the historic run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, take a moment to thank Julian Francis Abele, the first African-American graduate of what is now University Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts. First African American student to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Architecture   Julian ... Read More »

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