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Remembering Dr. Dorothy I. Height

Dorothy I. Height

Civil Rights Leader & Activist Dorothy Irene Height Today we celebrate Dorothy Height’s 102nd birthday. Google Tributes Dorothy Height with a Doodle on Her 102nd Birthday If you’re in the United States, today you’ll see activist Dorothy Height represented in the Doodle at the top of your screen. Dr. Height would have been 102 years old today.  Dorothy Irene Height ... Read More »

African American Woman of the Civil Rights Movement

women of the civil right movement,civil rights,civil rights movement,

Black Women Were Crucial to Civil Rights Movement   Whenever we see the newsreels from that time, we see black men in the room with President John F. Kennedy  or President Lyndon Johnson. We see black men in the great struggle leading the way, making the decisions, fighting the good fight. In documentaries such as PBS Eyes on the Prize, ... Read More »

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