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The Value Of Saving/Investing Money

Father and daughter savin

It’s time to have ‘the talk’ with your kids – the money talk. The birds and the bees. The truth about Santa. Even the admission that you have no clue what purpose learning algebra serves. These are all sweaty-palmed “talks” that all parents inevitably have with their kids – sobs, eye-rolls and a lot of “eeeww, gross!” protestations notwithstanding. But ... Read More »

The African American Financial Experience

African American Financial Experience

Black Americans and Finances More important than the responses offered by financial professional, Myra Parker who discusses a recent Prudential Research Study; with a focus on how advisors can help African American clients overcome some common financial challenges, are the findings of the 2011 Prudential Research Study – “the African American Financial Experience“. I’ve listed the findings mentioned in the ... Read More »

Personal Financial Planning – Mistakes To Avoid

black couple financial planning

You would be amazed by the large number of intelligent people who don’t know how to achieve their life goals, provide for their families, or plan for the death of the main income earner. “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes” – Ben Franklin 12 Financial Mistakes Often Repeated Only one family member is involved in financial ... Read More »

Money Matters

NEED EXTRA CASH? Think Internet! Who ever coined the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees”,  just might have been on to something.  If you are still waiting for that harvest you just might be out of luck. Due to the increasing cost of the basic commodities and the continuous fall of the economy, most of us look for an additional ... Read More »

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