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Racism|Is Racism A Part of Human Nature


Has racism always existed? Can it ever be totally abolished? FOR MANY people coming to radical politics–Blacks and whites alike–hatred of racism and a desire to get rid of it is a huge motivating factor. This is in contrast to some of the common assumptions about where racism comes from. The first is that racism is part of human nature–that ... Read More »

RHEINLAND A Film About the Forgotten “Rheinland Children”

RHEINLAND Being Black and German… RHEINLAND needs your support… … because we will show you a part of history you won’t find in most history books and the fate of the “Rheinland Children” must be made visible. The common denominator of being people of African descent; whether on the continent of Africa, in the United States, in the Caribbean or ... Read More »

White Privilege – White Fear

white man with gun

 White fear of Black men Ever wonder why the fear of blacks by whites is so embedded in their culture,  I mean given their violent history of aggression towards African American (that  is so documented) wouldn’t  you think it would be the opposite. What is the psychology, the science behind such blatant violence and aggression?  I found this article (written ... Read More »

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